About us

Snowhow Oy Ltd

Snowhow Oy is a team of snow and ice construction specialists. With the world-leading knowledge and experience based on many international projects we offer our services from designing to construction engineering.

Snowhow Oy is based in Oulu, which is a well-known center for high technology and winter studies. The company was founded in 1997. Company was based on the strong experience of snow construction from Kemi Snow Castles and research dealing with snow and ice.

Seppo Mäkinen, M. Sc. Civil Engineer

Seppo has done research on construction technique and engineering of snow and ice and built experimental constructions where theories and calculations have been tested. He has also developed computer programs for snow engineering. He has also developed methods for measuring strength and deformation of snow construction and safety standards. Research reports have been published in the University Of Oulu.

Seppo has built and planned together with artists multidisciplinary installations using several types of materials including plastic, glass fiber, wood, steel, and recycled materials and worked as a Set Builder for film projects and photo shoots.

SAIKA Design Mikko Kanninen and Tiina Sainila, M. Sc. Architect

SAIKA Desing is group of talent young architects with fresh ideas. Structures and architecture has been unique and custom fit for each project.