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8.1.2016 Snowhow constructing in Nallikari Winter Village in Oulu 2016

Snowhow continues to participate in the construction of the Nallikari Winter Village in Oulu. The village will open for the public on 13 February 2016.

7.1.2016 Snowhow to build an ice bicycle for a Japanese TV station

A Japanese TV station has commissioned an ice bicycle from Snowhow, to be featured in a game show. The program will be shot in Finland during January.

25.2.2015 Snowhow to provide set design and props for a winter wear ad in Kuusamo

Snowhow will provide set design and props for an advertising campaign for an international winter wear brand. The ad will be shot in Kuusamo in early March

21.2.2015 Snowhow participates in Polar Bear Pitching

Snowhow will build and landscape a hole in the ice, complete with surrounding structures, for the Polar Bear Pitching event in Oulu on the 25th of February. www.pitchfestoulu.com/polarbear.

20.2.2015 Nautilo knocked about by Foehn winds

Nautilo was knocked about by Foehn winds. The installation suffered some minor damage from the warm Foehn winds blowing through Oulu. Repairs were made to its ice windows and sound technique, enabling the installation to continue as planned until the 15th of March.

17.2.2015 Seppo Mäkinen’s photos on display at the SnowCastle of Kemi 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Seppo Mäkinen’s photos are on display at the SnowCastle of Kemi 20th Anniversary Exhibition. The exhibition illustrates the 20-year history of the SnowCastle through press clippings and photographs. Congratulations to the Kemi community for driving this fine project for 20 years!

16.2.2015 Snow Therapy success at the Hintta School

Snow Therapy success at the Hintta School! 400 enthusiastic school children, as well as parents and teachers, made a snow maze and snow sculptures together. A fun day was had by all!

5.2.2015 The Nallikari Winter Village is now completed

The Nallikari Winter Village is now completed. Snowhow joined forces with the Nallikari Speedpark to build a Winter Village which will be opened to the public on the 14th of February.

23.1.2015 Seppo Mäkinen’s “Nautilo” installation is now open

Seppo Mäkinen’s “Nautilo” installation is now open to the public at the Oulu Museum of Art. Part of the Checkpoint Leonardo exhibition, Nautilo is shaped like a diving helmet and was designed and built by Snowhow. The work includes a soundscape designed by sound artist Petri Kuljuntausta, and a visual world embedded into ice, designed by visual artist Kristiina Ljokkoi. The mounting of the installation and the artists’ visions are documented on this YouTube video.

4.12.2014 Arctic Spa at the Iso Syöte Hotel

Snowhow has built magnificent, fully lit ice walls around the open-air hot tubs of the Arctic Spa at the Iso Syöte Hotel.

20.1.2014 Sochi Olympic Games approach Snowhow

The Sochi Olympic Games Organizing Committee invited Snowhow to put in a proposal for the 2014 Winter Games. We submitted a sketch for a snow and ice fantasy world to be built inside an ice arena.

17.1.2014 The Winter Village in Oulu’s Nallikari will be open from 15 February onwards

The Winter Village in Oulu’s Nallikari will be open from 15 February onwards during the school winter holidays.

8.1.2014 The ice organ at Syöte is nearing completion

The ice organ at the Syöte travel resort is nearing completion, although the lack of sub-zero temperatures is slowing the schedule down somewhat. The finished work will form a magnificent light and sound installation. All are welcome to play the ice organ!

2.1.2014 The snow world at the Oulu Market Square is ready

The snow world at the Oulu Market Square is now ready. The area features a slippery slide as well as an interactive landscape of light and sound. The snow world will operate throughout the winter as long as weather permits.

15.2.2013 The Nallikari Winter Village is ready

The Nallikari Winter Village is now ready. The village will be opened for public on Saturday 16 February at 11am. Attractions include a slippery slide area, a world of mazes and tunnels, husky rides and lots of other fun wintery activities. We invite you to come and have a good time! http://www.talvikyla.fi/

15.2.2013 The 2013 “Meri City Tunturi” snow worlds are ready

The 2013 “Meri City Tunturi” snow worlds are now ready to welcome visitors. Various snow structures have been built at the Oulu Market Square, in Nallikari and at the Syöte area. The snow worlds offer fun and visually amazing wintery activities, all in a fantasy land of snow and ice! The snow worlds feature light and sound installations. All snow worlds have been designed by Snowhow, in collaboration with SAIKA Design. The lighting design is by Henriikka Pihlajaniemi from the Oulu University Architecture Department. www.mericitytunturi.fi/

27.1.2013 Snow and light creation “Kiemura” designed to go up in Hailuoto

A new snow creation titled “Kiemura” has been designed by Mikko Kanninen and Tiina Sainila from SAIKA Design and will be built in Hailuoto in mid-February. The snow work is an interactive, fun, wintery playground for children and those young at heart. The work will be built by locals, with experts from Snowhow guiding them through the process.http://www.haiart.net/read.php?id=5229796

20.1.2013 “Meri City Tunturi” creations are now in process

The “Meri City Tunturi” project will see snow worlds built in three different places: at the Oulu Market Square, in Oulu’s Nallikari and at the Syöte travel resort. Snowhow will build a creation titled “City” in Nallikari. The work is an interactive, urban environment offering all kinds of fun and wintery activities for children and families, including Snow Tubing slippery slides, husky rides and reindeer. The area will have a cafeteria and a campfire site and it offers a range of different activities.

Snowhow is also responsible for the design of the two other “Meri City Tunturi” snow worlds. The Oulu Market Square will host a work titled “Tunturi” (“Mountain”), which features a slippery slide world, a climbing wall and a stage for various cultural activities. A sea-themed creation will be built at Iso-Syöte, with snow building being taught to the local organisers throughout the process. The work will be titled “Meri” (“Sea”) and it will occupy a central spot at the ski resort, right next to the children’s play area. www.mericitytunturi.fi/

14.1.2013 Snow building workshop at Syöte 21-25 January 2013

An ice igloo and a snow organ will be built during a workshop between 21 and 25 February 2013 at the Syöte travel resort. The participants will learn how to use an air mould in ice building and how to combine light and sound with snow and ice structures. The workshop will be designed and taught by Snowhow, together with the best lighting and sound specialists from Northern Finland.

11.1.2013 Plans for “Meri City Tunturi” are ready

The plans for the “Meri City Tunturi” works are now completed, and the creations will be built in time for the school winter holidays. They will coincide with several events taking place in February and March 2013, such as the Reindeer Carnival and Snow Therapy.